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The recent advent of sweeping Sequestration (severe government budget cuts) will total $1.2 trillion through fiscal year 2021.  The cuts are indiscriminate and will impact nearly every federal program, including essential food and hunger programs, in America and abroad. 


As a result, food insecurity will be SageBird's primary community outreach.  Seniors are an at-risk. food insecure population. They are already adversely impacted by lack of mobility, poverty, low income,  high cost of medical insurance and medications.

SageBird will implement and participate in local meals-on-wheels initiatives for area seniors, while simultaneously educating them on the benefits of incorporating cbd oil into their health regimen. 

Many seniors are also malnourished. They suffer from lack of appetite, as a result of  loneliness and isolation.  Sage Bird will host cbd educational workshops, seminars, and outings that encourage vital socialization among their peers.

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